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About Matthew Fliney LMT/CNMT


Are you seeking a seasoned, knowledgeable and skilled clinical massage professional? With over 10 years of experience with therapeutic and medical massage techniques, many clients have told me that the results that follow my sessions are unparalleled and remarkable, in that, all of my clients tell me that they've experienced immediate, positive, life-changing results.


Most massage clients want not only to be taken care of, but also to know that their practitioner understands their needs and knows how to relieve them of their tension and discomfort.  I have personally felt most of the pains that people present with in my practice, so I am by nature an empath that wants to help you improve from the inside out.  Because of this, my clients come to realize that my knowledge in clinical massage, physiology, kinesiology and anatomy is only surpassed by my passion and desire to help them overcome their clinical complaints.


Because of my on-going education, training and intuition, often times clients inform me that I seem to know more about their body than they do.  With my training, I’ve found that I can easily identify the root cause of most of my client's neuromuscular, postural and myofascial pains.

I have furthered my education to learn therapeutic massage for canines along with canine acupressure to help them with their pains and overall health. It's only fair to keep man's best friend feeling happy and healthy as well.

What fuels my desire to help others? After sustaining a traumatic brain injury in 2006, I survived a broken neck, five brain surgeries and a stroke. Massage therapy restored the use of my right arm after the stroke which has fueled my passion for medical massage. With my knowledge combined with my passion to help others, you will see dramatic improvements in your quality of life as well.


Techniques can be taught and learned, but true passion mingled with compassion comes from within.

I look forward to meeting with you soon and helping you take the first steps toward a healthier life.

Highest Regards,

          Matthew Fliney LMT/CNMT  MT.0010576

Mitigation Massage, LLC

6165 Lehman Drive Suite 101, Colorado Springs, CO 80918


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